Polyethylene Compound for Irrigation Pipes

byمدير سايت

 Nowadays, drip irrigation system has received a lot of attention due to the problems of water shortage in the country. This method is considered the easiest way to irrigate plants and has benefits such as preventing soil erosion, injecting nutrients into the irrigation water, and controlling irrigation time.




Among the advantages of these pipes can be:
- Resistance to UV radiation and oxidation
- Resistance to corrosion, abrasion, chemical fluids, and water absorption
- Resistance to crack growth due to environmental stress
- Resistance to low temperatures
Table 1 shows the specifications of the black polyethylene compound used in the production of irrigation pipes according to the standard of ISO 8779.
Table 1. Specifications of black polyethylene compound
Table 1. Specifications of black polyethylene compound Noavaran Baspar Engineering Company, with special attention to the standards in Table 1, has produced black polyethylene compounds with the brand name B.PE.2007.P, which in addition to fully complying with the desired specifications, also have high flexibility and long life.