About Our Company

Noavaran Baspar Engineering Company founded in 1998 in the field of consulting and engineering of polymer industries
With dozens of projects in the field of consulting and engineering with major corporations and manufacturer of plastic pipes, films, sheets, masterbatches and engineering compounds, NAB not only gained precious experience but also transferred knowledge of polymer engineering to those companies
Since 2001, NAB started manufacturing of Masterbatch and Polymer compounds and for the first time in Iran became able to design and produce PE compound of communication cable coating. After six years of experience and effort in providing technical, engineering and consultation services to polymer industry, more than 1000 laboratories have been equipped with test and quality control machines, measuring of material properties equipment and polymeric products. In 2004, this company set up a production unit for producing masterbatch and polymer compounds. Supplying masterbatch and compound to more than 300 manufacturing companies in the plastic industry is one of the honors of Noavaran Baspar Eng. Co. 
Noavaran Baspar Engineering Company is currently one of the largest and most specialized companies in the field of production of black masterbatch and black polyethylene compounds in the pipe industry in Iran. This company is an active member of the Iran Masterbatch and Compound Producers Association.