The products of Noavaran Baspar Engineering Company are divided into the following three main groups:

The first group, known as NABYLENE, includes polymer compounds. These compounds are designed and manufactured for specific applications according to the latest version of the relevant standards. 

The second group is known as NABEX. This group includes all black masterbatches used in the polymer pipes and fittings industry, polymer sheets and films.

The third group, known as NABYLEX, includes polymer masterbatches containing additives such as light and thermal stabilizers.

Since the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing machinery is one of the most important items in quality, efficiency and reproducibility of the final product, Noavaran Baspar utilizes the most advanced polymer compounding lines to manufacture products with unique features.

Noavaran Baspar Eng. Co. has tried to minimize the effect of operator possible errors on quality of final product and reproducibility by installing the latest fully automatic loss in weight feeders equipment in production lines. 


First Group: Polymer Compounds (NABYLENE)

Black LDPE Compound B.PE.2007.P 

Black HDPE Compound B.PE.2810.C 


Second Group: Black Masterbatches (NABEX) 

Black Masterbatch HDPE B.PE.2920.P

Black Masterbatch LDPE B.PE.1920

Black Masterbatch PP B.PP.1031


Third Group: Special Masterbatches (NABYLEX) 

UV Masterbatch PP   UV.PP.1062

UV Masterbatch HDPE UV.PE.2062